Permanent Partner Visa

Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801 and 100)

This is the second-stage of Partner visa subclass 820 and 309.

Visa Conditions and Duration

After the two-year period – from when you lodged your initial application – the Department of Immigration will look to grant you a Permanent Partner Visa. At this stage, you will be asked for current evidence of your relationship covering the period since your visa grant. In some circumstances, you may be eligible for permanent residence even if the relationship has broken up before the end of the two year period. These circumstances include:

  • If your partner has died during this period; or
  • If you and your Australian partner have children under 18 years of age; or
  • If you or your dependents have been subject to domestic violence during this period

Processing Time

Please review the Department of Home Affairs current global processing time. Current processing times are estimated to be 18 to 24 months.

Visa Criteria for the Second Stage of Partner Visa

In order to be eligible for a partner visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Genuine and continuous relationship You will need to show that you and your partner have a commitment to a shared life together, to the exclusion of all others. You and your partner must live together, or at least not live apart on a permanent basis. The Department of Immigration will look at a number of aspects of your relationship, including:
    • Cohabitation
    • Financial Interdependence
    • Social aspects of the relationship
    • Level of Commitment
  • Health & Character You will need to provide full health and police checks. If you do have a medical condition, a waiver of the usual health requirements is possible where the cost to the Australian community of treating the condition is not excessive.

How much is a Partner Visa subclass 801/100?

There won’t be any additional visa application charges (VAC) for subclass 801 or subclass 100 application. 

The Government fees cover both stages of application subclass 820/801 and 309/100. The Partner Visa fees are usually not refundable if the application is unsuccessful; if you decide to withdraw your application after you have lodged it.